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A carefully crafted will can make a difficult time easier

A carefully crafted will can make a difficult time easier

The Art Of Planning

Establishing a trust and challenging a will

Anyone who owns property or has a dollar that he doesn't plan to spend has an "estate".

If you don't take steps to enforce your decisions, everyone especially the State and Federal Governments will decide for you concerning what to do with your property. The first rule in financial "estate" planning: Knowledge is Power.

You also have the ability to setup living trusts, and revocable trusts. Essentially, what these do, is create a savings account that a loved one or organization, can draw upon. Before they can do that, though, they must meet specific criteria. You can even assign an individual, or create a governing body, responsible for the management of the trust.


Sometimes, challenging a will is necessary. This can mean challenging a will in probate. If you feel like a will that has an impact on you has been coerced or altered, you can get my help in fighting for your loved one's true wishes to be respected.

A well-crafted will can make a huge impact on how easy probate is for your loved ones. As well, it has the power to ensure your wishes are carried out.


Quality representation that is affordable. Let's work together to draft your will, and protect your wishes.

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