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A well planned estate is all about the details

A well planned estate is all about the details

Carefully plan out your estate today

Contesting an estate and decedent estate representation

Estate planning is not just about setting up a will. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create a framework that will protect your wishes.


The estate owner is the only person competent to plan his own estate but he needs professional manner regardless of your emotional ties you have formed over the course of your lives. A will can insure that your wishes are carried out and prevent confusion and feuding over your estate. For those of you who have taken steps to plan for the distribution of your estate, you know the value of planning. You are only charged with updating your information as necessary. For those of you who have not taken the steps to safeguard your estate, be advised the government has already addressed your situation, wherever you are found and will distribute your estate in accordance with whatever laws are in effect at the time of your death.


With respect and compassion, you can work with me to draft a last will & testament, establish irrevocable trusts, setup legal guardianships, disabled estates, account for estate taxes, long term care planning, and durable powers of attorney for person and/or property.


These documents are more than asset distribution, they are powerful tools that can establish who will look out for you, your loved ones, and even care for your children.

If you are seeking to contest an estate, it is important to have a dedicated attorney working with you. Contested estates can be tricky, and navigating the probate court system takes years of experience. As the decedent estate's heir, you have rights and powers you can exercise if you feel your loved one's wishes are not being carried out.


The goal of any estate litigation is to fight for what is right, fair, and the wishes of the deceased, while still being compassionate, caring, and careful. Challenging an estate is a delicate matter, and we will work together to handle it in the right way.

The loss of a loved one is difficult enough to deal with let alone having to wade through a poorly planned estate, and probate.


You can work with me to plan your estate, affordably, and carefully.

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